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Dress Up Your Denim

styleMelanie P.Comment
Dress Up Your Denim

Want to learn how to dress up your denim? Read On...

Sometimes there’s a time for long gowns and fancy dresses, but what about all those other times that don’t require fancy clothes? You know, that fun restaurant or bar that you like to meet your friends or have date night at. Typically, a less dressy kind of place, right?  Well, you can dress up your denim and make it a fun outfit to give it that extra oomph.

Denim doesn’t have to be boring or just for casual events. My all-time favorite wardrobe essential is a great pair of denim pants.

Typically, I would recommend wearing darker or even black denim for night outings or events, because it would make the outfit look more dressed up. Although, lighter denim does have a nice affect in the spring and summertime.

So, how do you dress up light denim in the spring and summer? With a pair of ultra-cute sandals of course! One of my favorite dressy summertime shoe is the espadrille. They are so comfortable and the heel screams summertime. I love them, because I can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion and the rest of my outfit. Here are some of my favorite sandals, even if you’re looking for something a little more flat. 

Besides shoes, there are other ways to dress up your denim. Most peoples' thoughts would go directly to accessories, which is true, but it doesn't always have to be the case. I personally enjoy minimal jewelry and if you're the same way, then pair your denim with your favorite go-to pieces. Here, I'm wearing a necklace that I've been wearing every single day for the past couple of months - a tiny golden half-moon - and that's enough for me. 

Your top can say a lot about your outfit, so choose one wisely. For this post, I opted for a style that is very popular this summer - the off the shoulder. The off-shoulder, fluttery neckline instantly gives this look a little something extra and not to mention the bell sleeves. I found that this type of shirt is great for doing things that don't involve a whole lot of arm movement, otherwise you'll find yourself with a elastic band of the top trying to inch it's way up and over your shoulder. 

If you tried the off the shoulder trend and decided that it wasn't for you, then here are some alternatives. 

Last but not least, the purse. A purse or handbag that you carry can also make or break your outfit. For instance, you wouldn't wear a backpack over your gown to the opera. The purse should match your outfit. I don't believe in matching the color of my purse or handbag to the color of my shoes, but I generally like to have them match. In my opinion, different colors creates a great contrast. 

All in all, a great shoe, a pretty top and a cute purse can go a long way.