Brunch at High Fives - Dallas, TX

Brunch at High Fives - Dallas, TX

Brunch at High Fives


This Sunday Clayton and I ventured out of our usual spots to have brunch at High Fives. 


Mimosa by the fire

We sat outside, on a covered patio and while we looked over the menu, I went ahead and ordered a mimosa. 

It was so relaxing to sit by the fire pit and enjoy a refreshing mimosa on a beautiful day. 

The atmosphere was very chill, they had music playing in the background and some sports playing on tv. 



Sunday Sandwich & Deli Breakfast Sandwich with some Putin Tots on the side.


I had never tried Putin, but I was curious, so I went ahead and ordered some as a side with my deli breakfast sandwich - omg, they were SO good! I couldn't stop eating them, and honestly they were my favorite part. 

The deli breakfast sandwich was pretty tasty and exactly how I pictured it. The deli breakfast sandwich is made with your choice of ham or bacon, egg and cheese on a handmade kaiser role It really hit the spot. 

Clayton ordered the Sunday sandwich - if he hadn't ordered it, I would have ordered it myself. It sounded so good just from reading the description on the menu. The Sunday sandwich did not disappoint, it was actually pretty amazing. I could see us going into Dallas just to grab a Sunday sandwich once in a while. 


Deli Breakfast Sandwich with some Putin Tots on the side.


Overall, I loved visiting High Fives. The atmosphere was perfect for a chill, relaxing Sunday afternoon and the food was pretty amazing. 


Wall Art

Don't miss the wall art just outside High Fives.