Sweet Tooth Hotel - Retrofuture

Sweet Tooth Hotel -  Retrofuture

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Alien Party

*screenshot taken from a boomerang.


When an alien-robot carries you throughout the planet.

*screenshot taken from boomerang

Sweet Tooth Hotel Retrofuture was the second installment in a series of exhibitions created by the OG, Sweet Tooth Hotel.

Here are some photos from inside the art exhibit, taken on December 8, 2018. If you missed Retrofuture, do not worry - the third installment is already underway and you can already purchase your tickets.

The main entrance to Retrofuture was a fun, almost hidden entryway with a neon “No Vacancy” sign above the door. Upon entering, the concierge desk of Sweet Tooth Hotel seemed to be covered in a fun alien language, again in neon signage. We waited to be escorted into the fun art spaces, which were located just behind a pink painted door.

Once we entered, the space seemed somewhat small, but fun nonetheless and consisted of only 5 different rooms. Yup, just five. Above are photos taken in each of the five rooms.