Denver to Breckenridge Travel Diary

Denver to Breckenridge Travel Diary

Ah - Colorado. A state on my bucket list full of cities I’d love to explore. Lucky for my hubby and I, we were gifted a trip to visit his close friends in Denver. Denver! But not just Denver. Denver with locals. And Breckenridge with locals. Two checks off the bucket list.

I was so excited to jet off on this weekend getaway. A two and a half day trip to the mountains and two brand new cities. I packed more than I needed to, of course, but it was worth it. We got to see fresh snow on the ground and fresh snow flakes falling from the sky at a random point in the day. It only got even better once we reached Breckenridge.

So, first things first - where do the locals eat in Denver? Well, we had brunch at Euro Crepes, a European inspired crepe restaurant. And not only do they have sweet crepes, but they also serve savory crepes! I’m more of a savory crepe type of person myself so, when I saw a crepe filled with Brie cheese, chicken, spinach and cranberries, I was all about it. And of course I got the coffee.

After brunch, we headed to the largest REI I had ever been to for some last minute snow equipment so we could head to the mountains later in the day. That’s when it came down- bright, large snow flurries falling in the middle of the day in Denver. How exciting! We hurried home to grab our bags and get ready for the drive up to the mountains.

At about 2pm we were finally on the road and making the two hour drive to Breckinridge. The scenery along the way was so intriguing and made me all the more excited to reach our destination. We stopped once in a quaint small town for some gas and snacks and then continued on our way.

About an hour and a half after our pit stop, we reached the cabin! Here are some photographs from my first encounter with a cabin surrounded by snow. There were snow mounds taller than me! We went for a walk in the snow and it felt so good to be surrounded by nature. We had hardly any reception at the cabin, which was also nice. An unexpected break from the internet.

That night, went to dinner at Giampietro in Breckenridge. Seriously the most amazing pizza I have had in a really long time! It was worth the hour wait. We got two large pies because it was so good we just kept eating and eating. The rest of the night was spent cozied up in the cabin with a movie.

The next morning we headed back to Denver. I got altitude sickness in Breckenridge, so unfortunately we weren’t able to go snow shoeing as planned. The way back down wasn’t as glorious- I napped the entire way and tried not to get sick in the car. But, it was all worth it and I would do it again!

We only had several hours to spare until our flight and the hunger set in again. For lunch, we visited Post Brewing Co and had some of their infamous fried chicken. O.M.G. - delicious! The photo does the chicken no justice.

Needless to say, we had a pretty successful trip to Colorado and we can’t wait to go back!