Melanie P.Comment

Kodiak Cakes x Marie Gabrielles

Melanie P.Comment
Kodiak Cakes x Marie Gabrielles

A couple of weeks ago I attended a taste testing event with Kodiak Cakes and Marie Gabrielle Restaurant in Dallas, TX. Naturally, when I was invited to the event I checked out their products online and asked my friends if they had ever heard of them before. To my surprise, many people in the yoga community I am in say they tried Kodiak Cakes and love it. I decided I was in!

I am so glad I went to the event. It was held outdoors at a beautiful venue in Dallas, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant. Not only is the restaurant great to feast at, but it’s also great for capturing those special moments. The outdoor terrace is large and has a decorative pond in the center. Surrounding the pond are walkways and trees, benches and even a large Harry Potter-like chess board. I was in awe.

They provided a specialty cocktail worthy of that insta-shot. The bright color of the cocktail contrasted nicely with nature’s backdrop and the beautiful table they had set up. Petite flower arrangements in the center of the table. Goody bags at every seat. Wonderful people in the same industry. I loved every minute of it.

Then, it was time for the food tasting! How exciting!



Kodiak Cake Buttermilk Waffle and Crab Oscar


Pancetta & Corn Fritters with Smoke Tomato Aioli.



Citrus Angel Foodcake


Chocolate Basil Brownie